Justice Journey - Spring 2023

This semester we are inviting the students to join us on a “Justice Journey.” Our goal is to deepen our understanding of systemic injustice and take steps towards engaging in a faith-filled response. Broken systems can feel overwhelming, but we each have a part to play in bringing reconciliation.

The “Justice Journey” has three main components: 1) a class, 2) a trip, and 3) a summit. The class will be held on Wednesdays, 6 p.m. at Saint Paul, January 25-March 8. Everyone is invited, student and non-student alike, to join us as we humbly approach topics like racism during school integration, Japanese internment camps during WWII, the Tulsa Massacre and Black Wall Street, Indigenous boarding schools, and more. Each class will be a different topic and you are invited to one or all over the seven weeks.

Next is the Justice Journey trip. Over spring break ten students will be traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas to learn about school integration, then McGehee, Arkansas to the Japanese Internment camp, then Tulsa, OK to the Black Wall Street Museum, and finally to Genoa, NE to visit the indigenous boarding school. These students will record their experiences and share them upon return.

Finally, we will host a Justice Summit on Tuesday, March 28, 7 p.m. at Saint Paul UMC. Here we will partner with the community to understand some of the continuing systemic injustices in our own city. We will also have Rev. Dominique Gilliard, author of Rethinking Incarceration and Subversive Witness, lead us as the keynote speaker. Everyone is invited to participate and learn more about how we can help bring peace and reconciliation to Lincoln.

Opportunities for College Students and Young Adults

Saint Paul’s affiliated campus ministry, Campus Connect, serves the students of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. We meet 3 times each week during the academic year to fit into your busy college and young adult life. Join us for:

  • Sunday Brunch following Worship at Saint Paul UMC in the lower level dining room
  • Coffee House Worship at ConnectioN Point near East Campus (33rd & Starr) on Tuesdays at 7 PM
  • Wednesday Night Dinner at Saint Paul in the lower level dining room at 5 PM followed by Small Group Classes at 6 PM

Cath Gebers

Associate Pastor of Campus Ministry