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Saint Paul offers countless opportunities for families to fellowship together through a variety of activities: Easter Celebration, Family Picnic, Groundhog Ball, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Gingerbread Workshop and many more.

Many of these events are placed on hold, or are being converted to virtual events due to social-distancing precautions. Please contact Rich Caye, director of family ministries, to get the latest details and be added to our Children/Family Ministry email list!

Upcoming Events

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The Imagination Station at Saint Paul United Methodist Church presents:


Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the Spirit.

This Summer we’ll discover what’s needed in a garden.

Once each week there are science experiments, crafts, stories & scripture, snacks and games in the church gym and a special video presentation that will take place in a classroom inside Saint Paul UMC. 

If your children cannot come to the church, monthly supplies for IN THE GARDEN in June, and FROM WARM TO SWARM in July can be collected at Saint Paul UMC on the first Wednesday of each month.

Week of June 16th  9:00am – 11:30am

Garden gate craft:  built with popsicle sticks carefully glued together, we add foam flowers and a pipe cleaner handle.  Fee $5

Week of June 23rd  9:00am – 11:30am

Sunshine in the garden craft: 1/2 of a paper plate is decorated with points of construction paper to make rays of sunshine.  Then all can be colored a sunny yellow with crayon, marker or paint, reminding us how important sunshine is to a garden.  Adding streamers and eyes gives the sun some personality!  Fee $5

Week of June 30th  9:00am – 11:30am

Experiment with growing food in your kitchen: Did you know you can grow food from food scraps in your kitchen?  Not all things that grow in a garden come from a packet of seeds.   This week, suspend the head of garlic in a jar filled with water by sticking a few toothpicks into the garlic.    Fee $5

Week of July 7th  9:00am – 11:30am

Begin the study of the friendship between flowers, butterflies and bees.  Discover the parts of flowers that bees and butterflies visit to feed themselves, or take to a hive. Create our own flowering plants from colorful paper, styrofoam balls and dowel rods.

This week we’ll welcome butterfly larvae and caterpillars in a netted enclosure and watch when they turn to butterflies! Fee $5

Week of July 14th  9:00am – 11:30am

This week we’ll look the life cycle of a pollinator insect by planting quick-germinating seed into a caterpillar shaped planter.   We have a guest speaker coming on this day from the entomology dept. of UNL.  She will be bringing an intact, and sealed beehive for us to learn from!   Fee $5

Week of July 21st  9:00am – 11:30am

We’ll create pollinator wings from large sheets of paper to wear as part of an activity to understand pollination. Wearing the wings we’ll complete a scavenger hunt, having students act as bees and butterflies, visiting the BLOSSOM CAFE where flowers will be positioned for pollinators to gather pollen and deposit in our honey combs crafts.   Fee $5

Week of July 28th  9:00am – 12:00pm
Children and Youth Picnic at Holmes Lake

Children, Youth, Parents and Church Staff are all welcome to come out to Holmes Lake for food, yard games, canoeing, paddle boarding and prayer.

Life preservers will be worn by all who use a canoe or paddle board.  Fee $5

Current Virtual Opportunities

Saint Paul currently has several opportunities for children and family ministries, including virtual Sunday School and service opportunities.

Sunday School

Sunday School is now meeting via Zoom!

  • Kindergarten-3rd grade meets via ZOOM at 9:00am each Sunday
  • 4th-6th grades meet via ZOOM at 11:00am each Sunday
  • 7th-8th grade Confirmation class meets via ZOOM at 11:00am each Sunday
  • Young Adult High school class meets via ZOOM at noon each Sunday

Please contact Rich Caye-Hayes at [email protected] for the appropriate ZOOM invitation!

Rich Caye
Children & family ministry director