Justice & Mercy

Racial Justice Speaker Series

America has awakened to issues surrounding racial and social justice not experienced since the civil rights movement. As a country, a state, a city and a church, we are questioning how to promote racial justice. Is progress being made toward acting in ways that promote equity among all people?

These four seminars will examine the history of race and racism in America, the experiences of racial minorities in the United Methodist Church and the City of Lincoln, and the ways parents deal with race in raising their children. This series will highlight how people might expand the dialogue about race relations now and in the future.

Climate Justice Classes

Cathedral on Fire Class

Join Rev. David Lux, and the Saint Paul Climate Justice team, for a two-part discussion of the book, Cathedral on Fire by Brooks Berndt. This short book is an excellent resource focusing on climate change through the lens of faith, provoking relevant and fruitful discussion.

The book study will be held via Zoom, and will take place on February 11 & 18 at 7:00 pm. This study will provide an excellent primer for the author’s presentation, taking place on February 24, as the initial speaker of our upcoming “Climate Concerns and Leadership: A Speaker Series,” presented by Saint Paul UMC and First Plymouth Church.

Carbon Lenten Action Calendar

During this season of Lent, we invite our Saint Paul community to consider how our daily activities impact our carbon footprint.

What can we, as individuals, do to reduce greenhouse emissions?

The Saint Paul Climate Justice team has compiled a Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar with daily suggestions on how we can educate ourselves on the climate change crisis and reduce our carbon footprints.

Climate Concerns and Leadership: A Speaker Series

As part of our Lenten activities, Saint Paul is co-sponsoring with First Plymouth Church a 4-week speaker series on the climate change crisis. These one-hour programs will take place, via Zoom, on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm beginning February 24. Click the title above to register.

  • Decoding the Weather Machine – A documentary outlining what is happening scientifically to our planet because of the addition of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere and what options exist for reducing the increases in global warming.
  • “Earthrise” by Amanda Gorman – A poem recited by National Youth Poet Laureate. 

Mission and Ministry: Mercy


This year, the community of Saint Paul has come together to form the Justice and Mercy team (JaM), which heads up our community activism and service outreach.As we begin our justice work, we have currently formed three teams focusing on important areas of concern for Saint Paul, and the Methodist church as a whole: Climate Justice, Health Justice, and Racial Justice.

These teams will reach out to our surrounding community, fundraise, hold events, educate, and amplify the voices of those who are marginalized. We have also begun to merge the amazing work of our previous Missions Ministry into our JaM team, as we continue to donate our time, talents, and resources to help those in need.

If you have any questions or would like to join as part of this effort, contact Mackenzie Marrow at [email protected]

If you are interested in racial justice resources visit greatplainsumc.org/racial-justice.

Food Ministries

Saint Paul UMC is part of the Lincoln Food Bank backpack feeding program. Food is distributed weekly to an elementary school.

Twice-weekly free lunch distributed through our partnership with Lulu’s

Monthly food preparation for Matt Talbot

Food bags given from our pantry to Cornerstone and to those in need as available

Participation in Crop Walk and Heifer International annually


Saint Paul supports the Interfaith Housing Coalition and the residents of the President and Ambassador Apartments. Our support of this mission effort will provide a Christmas treat for all residents.

Songs of Mercy and Justice Hymn Festival

Saint Paul Justice & Mercy Team FAQ

  • Presence at the state capital for justice gatherings on topics such as immigration and racial injustice
  • Representation on community partnership boards working for justice
  • Speakers, classes and forums to educate on justice issues
  • Preaching justice
  • SP supports (financially and through participation) the Interfaith Peacemaking Coalition yearly workshop.
  • We have placed yard signs in member’s homes which address justice issues to let community know we are sharing God’s Love for all in acts of justice.

We have gained new members through our efforts at justice as people have seen our witness with PRIDE festival and our rainbow banners outside the church.  Each have told stories of their previous exile from churches due to homophobic or shame-based theology.  They have found new life and new connection to God through the welcoming of Saint Paul UMC.

  • Saint Paul has undergone a new visioning process with the guidance of the Unstuck Church Group.  One of the areas of our focus for growth is in Mercy and Justice.  We have formed a strategic planning team which will be leading the congregation into greater justice-centered mission practices.
  • We will begin with a foundation of deepening our own understanding of lovingkindness. All justice work must be grounded in love (open hearts).
  • Next we will educate ourselves and the congregation around justice and the biblical mandate (open minds).
  • Finally, we will go forward into the world beyond our doors to do acts of justice (open doors).

Our strategic planning team has identified three areas for our focus:  racial justice, ecological justice, and health care.  Each of these areas will be resourced and ministry teams will be formed to engage the congregation in love, education and action. We will schedule our efforts strategically by launching one at a time and building support before adding the next.