September Sermon Series

Our nation is in the throws of two health crises. The COVID pandemic has taken the lives of over 600,000 Americans leaving millions of extended families and friends in mourning.

The COVID pandemic has ignited another health trouble. Stress, anxiety, job loss, grief, quarantine and general uncertainty has fueled the second health crises; mental health concerns are worsening. Major depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are increasing in all demographics, but especially among our nation’s young people.

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. If our faith is relevant to our daily lives (and I believe it is), then what does our faith have to offer at this time? There are seven stories of suicides in the Bible; none of them are included in the Revised Common Lectionary readings (except one, but it isn’t the focus of the text).

Starting August 29 and going through the month of September, our morning worship will address some topics of mental wellness with sparks of hope and practices to help mind our bodies and mend our minds. Believe, belong and become the beloved community. Join us for worship and bring a friend!