Core Values

Saint Paul Church is a vibrant and progressive congregation in the heart of downtown Lincoln. In the mid 1990s, we decided to remain downtown and be intentional about our ministry here -- near the University, near state and city government, in the midst of the financial and entertainment center of the city, and on the streets with the homeless and needy.

So we built a new building, then completely remodeled our 100-year-old sanctuary. Now children and youth, singles and families, seniors, recovering addicts, music lovers and seekers of meaning find hope and life here.

Our Mission

Making disciples of Jesus Christ who make a difference in the world.

Mission Goals

Deepen our experience of worship so that all are welcome and feel connected
to God and to one another, and are led to expand their search
for spiritual growth and involvement in mission.

Grow disciples of Jesus Christ through a variety of classes and Bible studies,
fellowship and support groups. Foster spiritual transformation that encourages
each member of the congregation to live a Christ-centered life.

Grow our caring ministries for people within and beyond our congregation.

Our Vision

Saint Paul Church will be a fertile place of personal growth and transformation;
a downtown center of prayer, song, joy, and hope-filled spirit;
a diverse and caring people of grace and compassion.